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Working Out with Eyelash Extensions

Ready to hit the gym? Whether or not you run, swim, or sweat it out in a yoga session. Working out is essential to living a healthy lifestyle. To keep your lash extensions looking fabulous here are a few tips.

OK, so let's jump into it. I know your excited. You've just gotten eyelash extensions and you can go makeup free! Just remember your lash technicians cardinal rule. Cleanse your lashes every day!


Cleaning your lash extensions after a work out is of great importance. After we workout, the salt from the sweat sits on your lash extensions and can break down the glue. Keep your lashes clean to avoid any bacteria buildup.


Before you lace up those sneakers, use a headband to create a barrier from sweat dripping onto your lashes.

Towel Throw in a Towel! Patting your face with a towel will help absorb some of the sweat that may drip onto your skin and affect your lash retention.

After you hit the yoga mat or bust a dance move. These tips really do help extend your lash life. Lets get real. No ones perfect, but your lashes can be!

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