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5 Different Eyelash Extension Styles

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

At lash! Your thinking of getting eyelash extensions, but with so many options your not clear on what works for you. The Beauty of wearing eyelash extensions is there's a unique style for everyone. Based on your personal preference, eye shape or lifestyle. Below are a few styles that you can discuss with your lash technician when choosing a salon. At Juliette's Lash Therapy visual aids are great, you're always welcome to bring photos.



Doll eye focuses on the longest lashes towards the center of your eye, making them appear larger. This popular style is better suited for someone with a wide set or down turned eyes.


Cat eye style gives your lashes a flare. Placing the longest length near the outer corner of your lash line. This gives you more of an exotic feline glare. This style is best worn with almond-shaped eyes.


Natural Lashes follow your natural lash line. Placing the longer length near the center without changing the style as much. If your looking for a natural look this, style is great for your every eye shape.


Colored or highlighted lash extensions are interspersed throughout your lash line. Natural lash extensions can be mixed or Color dispersed in one area can be placed to create a more dramatic effect.

Colored extensions are ideal for clients that like to wear colors to compliment their eyes. For example; Blue lash extensions compliments brown eyes. Purple lash extensions with blue or green eyes.

5. Staggered Lashes

Staggered lashes are longer and shorter lashes mixed to create a wispy look. This style usually works best with volume lash extensions. Which gives you the appearance of having fuller lashes.

Your lash artist will assist in what style compliments your eyes as well as the length that's realistic for the health of your natural lashes. So, toss the mascara and the press on strips. Why wait to make an appointment? Your just one wink away!

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